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Weekly Odds Forecast May 10-16

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the last weekly odds forecast of the regular season. I’ll be doing something a little bit different for the postseason. But, there’s three games left this week, so I may as well forecast them. Please keep in mind that these forecasts assume that everyone is playing, if McDavid or Draisaitl end up resting for any of this week’s games, these become useless.

Monday, May 10th vs. Montreal Canadiens:

Oilers (53%), Habs (47%)

Bet 365 odds: Oilers (1.909), Habs (1.909)

Implied probabilities: Oilers (53%), Habs (47%)

The Oilers seem like a decent bet tonight.

Wednesday, May 12th vs. Montreal Canadiens:

Oilers (53%), Habs (47%)

Saturday, May 15th vs. Vancouver Canucks:

Oilers (67%), Canucks (33%)

Meanwhile, in CondorsTown...

The Condors have three games in Henderson this week, with first place in the division on the line. May 13th, 15th, and 16th. The Condors have a 54% chance of winning each game, but would need to get at least 2 more points than Henderson in order to secure first place. Going 2-1 in regulation would do the trick, but it gets more complicated if any of the games go past regulation.

Good luck, folks!