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Connor McDavid Is Going To Hit 100 Points This Year And It’s Going To Be Insane

Four point night versus Jets on Monday leaves 19 points to go in 10 games. Sounds like a lot, but this is Connor McDavid we’re talking about.

Edmonton Oilers v Winnipeg Jets
McDavid needs 19 points in 10 games. I like his odds.
Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Connor McDavid scored three goals and added one assist in Monday’s 6-1 win over the Winnipeg Jets. A four point night is a career night for some players in the NHL, but it was McDavid’s third hat trick this year. McDavid’s four point night is something he’s already done three other times this season, and he’s had a couple of five point events as well.

It’s been a good season for the Oilers so far, and it’s been a very, vey good season for Connor McDavid. McDavid has put up 81 points in 46 games so far, which puts him a full fifteen points ahead of Oilers teammate Leon Drasiaitl. He’s 21 points ahead of the first non-Oiler in Nathan MacKinnon. To say he’s had a good season is a great understatement. Connor McDavid is on pace for 145 points over an 82 game season, which hasn’t been seen in well over two decades. There’s a very good chance that he meets or eclipses the 100 point mark in this season’s abbreviated 56 game season, which...well, that’s incredible.

Another day at the office, really. This goal put the Oilers up by five goals in the third period, it gave McDavid his third goal on the night (and fourth point of the game).

So you’ve got the greatest player currently in the NHL at 81 points with ten to go. That’s a lot of points scored, but asking even the greatest player to score 19 points with ten games left in the season seems...a little bit like a daunting task. I think he’s got a pretty good chance at making it work out.

Half the games remaining will come against Vancouver over the next two weeks, a club that McDavid has eight points in five games against. The rest? Another one tomorrow against Winnipeg (19 points in eight games) two more against Calgary (15 points in eight games) and two more against the Canadiens (9 points in seven games) at the end of the year.

In McDavid’s last ten games, he’s scored 18 points. The ten before that? 20. There’s a very good chance that he can shoot right down the middle of those two numbers and hit 100 square on. Then again, he could hang another four points on Winnipeg tomorrow night and push that 100 point mark even higher.

WIth a resounding win on Monday night, the Oilers look to make the charge to the playoffs with a head of steam. Connor McDavid has been running hot all season, and he needs just nineteen points in his last ten games to make it to 100. It’s a lot of points for any player. If we’ve learned anything over his young career, it’s never a good idea to count #97 out.