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Weekly Odds Forecast April 26-May 2

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

After splitting their two games against Montreal last week, the Oilers actually have a full slate of four games on deck this week, for the first time in what feels like forever. They play the first two against their likely first round opponent, the Jets, and the last two against the Flames. We’ve hinted at this before, but the Oilers could effectively end the Flames’ season this week, if everything goes their way. Let’s look at the odds:

Monday, April 26: Oilers vs. Winnipeg Jets

My Odds: Oilers (55%), Jets (45%)

bet 365 odds: Oilers (1.909), Jets (1.909)

Implied odds: Oilers (50%), Jets (50%)

The Jets seem to be the one team against whom my model consistently likes the Oilers more than gambling industry models do. Bet on the Oilers tonight.

Wednesday, April 28: Oilers vs. Winnipeg Jets

My odds: Oilers (55%), Jets (45%)

Thursday, April 29: Oilers vs. Calgary Flames

My odds: Oilers (52%), Flames (48%)

Saturday, May 1st: Oilers vs. Calgary Flames

My odds: Oilers (52%), Flames (48%)

Meanwhile, in CondorsTown...

The Condors pulled off two masterful wins, both 4-1 over the Henderson Silver Knights last week, before ending the week with a bit of a letdown in a 2-0 loss to Ontario. Let’s see how this upcoming week shapes up:

Tuesday, April 27th vs. San Jose Barracuda

Condors (71%), Barracuda (29%)

Wednesday, April 28th vs. Henderson Silver Knights

Condors (54%), Silver Knights (46%)

My model is finally convinced that Bakersfield is a stronger squad than Henderson is, which is cool. I believe that my model would currently make the Condors favourites against any team in their division.

That’s it for this week. Good luck, folks!