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I Sure Hope Corey Perry Is OK After Being Elbowed In The Face

Did you see Connor McDavid elbow Corey Perry last night? Poor guy.

Montreal Canadiens v Edmonton Oilers
Alex Chiasson
Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Last night’s game was a dud for the Oilers, at least until the last few minutes of the third. The Oilers had a hard time finding the net for the first fifty-seven minutes of play. Things got better late in the third, but it was a case of too little, too late at the end.

There was plenty to like if you were an Oilers fan in this game. Connor McDavid scored another goal and picked up three more points in his quest to 100. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored a goal in his return from injury. Jesse Puljujärvi picked up a goal in his third straight game. One thing not to like? The refs had their whistles firmly in their pocket for the entire game.

Well, most of the game. With three minutes gone in the third period, Stripes was able to pick this one out and save Corey Perry from the wraith of Connor McDavid’s elbow.


Look at that total carnage coming from the elbow of the greatest player in the world into the upper face, neck and / or chest area of the tenth leading scorer on the Canadiens. I bet that required six or seven stitches. I mean, just look at how Perry’s face snaps back with the force of a freight train hitting an eighteen wheeler at full speed. I’m thankful that Stripes did the absolute least possible work and made this call - clearly this was the most dangerous event that took place in sixty minutes of play.

I mean, it’s this is Corey Perry who we’re talking about here. There’s no way that Perry’s reaction was anything less than face value. McDavid nearly took his head off with this infraction.

Thankfully, after two periods of keeping those whistles firmly rolled up, the zebras got McDavid for a two minute roughing infraction. It easily could have been a ten or twenty game suspension, especially after you could have found water in the Sahara Desert more easily than having a call go Edmonton’s way last night.

I sure hope Corey Perry is OK. Poor guy.