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Sitting, waiting... wishing.

NHL: APR 10 Oilers at Flames
He’s been awful for a year, let’s put him on line 1 to get him going said no intelligent person ever!
Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Now we wait..

It’s not been the best stretch. Our record is good but we have been getting consistently outplayed for a little while now. We don’t look good in our play. It’s great to finally be the team that plays poorly and wins the game. We used to be the team that lost to that team. However, not much joy watching lately. Now we don’t play till Friday. The next 5 games after Friday are all Jets (3x) and Habs (2x). That should go a long way in determining home ice and who gets the Leafs in round 1.

Things we need: A legit goalie and not Smith on a heater (who exactly is our goalie next year?). Another LW who is good at his job (not a powerplay specialist). A legit NHL 3C. There is no way we get all of those things. Not even sure we can get one of them.

Do we get any actual help? I 100% agree with Panamablue about needing another Dman to solve all our problems however I can’t think of an available one or how to procur one? I didn’t want Savard. I can’t think of any D available that would help us?

On the waiver wire today is Victor Mete and Sami Vatanan. Both on expiring contracts. I’d be happy with either pickup. Can we not just send Neal to AHL to free up a million in cap space on roster? Can we not do the same with Kassian to free up another million? Asking for a friend.

Unless the return is a great player, I can’t see us trading Barrie this late in the season. I wish we had 2 months ago. Could’ve brought up Bouchard and he’d be in his groove right now.

I’m terrified we trade Jones or Bear for magic beans (TM: Oilers). For what it is worth. Jones is currently behind Russel and tied with Lagesson in the coaches eyes. Most likely behind Koekoek. Broberg is coming. So is Samorukov. So is Klefbom. Where does everyone see Jones in 2 years on the Oil? Are we still thinking 1LD?

Rakkel or Vrana would be brilliant trades to make and I would pay for them. Both are young, reasonable contracts and improve our Top 6 asap.

Hall for our 1st and a dump would make us immediately better and is our best bet. Not so sure we need a Hoffman or someone like that. Not interested in a Glendenning or a Del Zotto.

Our AHL boys are lighting the league up. Benson, McLeod or Marody? Swap 2 with Neal and Kassian?

I wish we would’ve given Stalock a look before the trade deadline. Last night seemed like a good time to try it and see how his heart is.

We got in a legit player and our Top 6 goes back on fire (eg. Hall). Not a Cup contender but could win the North.

We find out RNH is more hurt than we thought. Concussions are brutal and don’t heal in a logical manner. RNH is one of a handful of guys we simply cannot replace. He is key to everything for us. Part of the Connor line, part of the DRY line, part of the PK, part of the PP and just a great guy all around. He’s the 3C of our dreams too.

I keep reading about needing to get Kassian going. He has consistently had a stat line of 0 (goals, assists, shots, hits, blocks) plus 1 dumb penalty. Imagine if the way to get Kassian going is to put him at 1RW? Sounds crazy till you realize the last time he played like this that is what happened. That time his agent asked for a trade and they put him on 1RW and his points magically went up and then he got the worst contract of the Holland era.

Picture JP on line 3 and Kass on line 1. It sounds crazy but there sure is a big narrative about getting him going. For what it is worth. Lucic has more points than Jesse P this season in one less game. AA has more points than both of them.

JP really needs to get scoring to make himself bulletproof. I also am not seeing Selke anything from JP. He is our third most likely Oiler to get a Selke vote at best. Not the trophy but an actual vote. He definitely can’t score like the Selke candidates. He definitely can’t take faceoffs like the Selke candidates. He definitely doesn’t play centre like the other Selke candidates. He definitely doesn’t PK like the Selke candidates.

We extend Smith and Barrie this week. Would something that stupid surprise anyone?

We get Hall, RNH comes back, we get the DRY line and we get a top line of Hall/McDavid/JP.

We put Bear back with Nurse and Barrie on third pair with PP time. Improves our D and doesn’t hurt our offence.

Last year I thought Holland did a great job at the deadline! I was dancing a happy dance. A year later, it all looks bad but I can’t change my vote a year later. Maybe he does another great job at the deadline?

We trade Jones for Glendening and then extend Glendening. Only Wings I want are Hronek and Zadina.

I’ve heard Tomas Hertl is available. Imagine a trade like that? I’m all for a swing for the fences to be honest. Winning the North would be a great bragging right for years!

Your move Holland. I’d say it’s fair to pin everything that happens with the Oil on Holland starting Tuesday. The ‘Chia did this and nothing he can do’ narrative needs to stop after the deadline.

Parting happy thought!

April Fools

Oh yeah, this was my April’s fool article. I’m posting it below.. it is fake and I didn’t put it in the headline. But I wrote so I’m posting it now making sure you all know this is a fake story that was meant to be funny!

The golden son has returned!

In a early trade deadline blockbuster the Oiler’s have acquired Taylor Hall (50% retained) from the Buffalo Sabres for Ethan Bear and Caleb Jones.

In an exclusive interview with Copper and Blue, Hall had many great things to say about the trade:

Q: Are you excited about the trade?

Hall: Very much so. Buffalo is and was a shitshow. I’d like to thank them for the 8 million dollars and hope to never go back to the city again. I hope I was able to get another team a 1OV pick and was sorry I got Kreuger fired twice. Turn off your Skype Ralph!

Q: What was your plan heading into the season?

Hall: I was hoping to play as poorly as possible, lower my value and then get traded for pennies on the dollar to a cup contender of my choosing. However, the Bolts and Avs didn’t have room for me.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the lineup?

Hall: I notice the top lines are struggling. I should be 1LW. I’ve already texted Connor to just pass me the puck and I’ll fix this! What is a Kahun anyways?

Q: You were on the second line in Buffalo. What if they don’t put you on the first line with McDavid?

Hall: I don’t understand?

Q: Did you miss Edmonton?

Hall (laughing uncontrollably): Um, yeah, definitely. Can’t wait to go for beers with some of the 80’s stars and mock them a little more. See you at the pub Glenn!

Q: Before you left, Edmonton wasn’t very good. How do you like their chances of winning a cup now?

Hall (spitting out his Fanta): About the same as Buffalo’s.

Q: Are you hoping to sign Long Term in the off-season with the Oil?

Hall (laughing uncontrollably again): Yeah, sure, that’s the plan!