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Game Odds March 8th vs Ottawa

Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

I’ll have full weekly game odds forecast out tomorrow morning, but I’ll do tonight’s game now.

March 8 vs Ottawa:

Oilers (60%) Sens (40%)

Bet 365 odds: Oilers (1.40), Sens (3.10)

Implied odds: Oilers (69%), Senators (31%)

I think the Senators are undervalued right now, they’re near the middle of the pack in All-Situations xGF%, and although the unproven Joey Daccord starts in net tonight, the Sens’ main issue has been that they can’t buy a save, so a rookie goaltender shouldn’t be much of a downgrade.

The Oilers should win at least two of their three meetings against the Sens this week, but, at this price, even two out of three wins would lose money for Oilers bettors. If you want to headge your happines this evening, a bet on Ottawa might not be a bad call.