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Weekly Game Odds Forecast Mar 29-April 4

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Toronto Maple Leafs Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

After an unplanned slow week for the Oilers, we’ve got a big week coming up. Not only do the Oilers play four times, but they also play four different opponents. A variety I’m no longer accustomed to in this strange season. Here’s how my handicapping model sees this week:

Monday, March 29th vs Toronto:

Maple Leafs (56%), Oilers (44%)

Bet 365 odds: Toronto (1.74), Edmonton (2.15)

Implied odds: Leafs (55%), Edmonton (45%)

If you listened to this week’s podcast, you’ll know that the Oilers opened at 2.35. They were also available at that price this morning. Unfortunately, there is no longer (perceived) value on either team. Sorry for publishing this so late.

Tuesday, March 30th vs Montreal:

Oilers (47%), Canadiens (53%)

There are no lines out for this game yet, but, there’s also some very big rest/rust factors going on with Montreal, so I’ll be interested to see what they open at.

Friday, April 2 vs. Calgary:

Oilers (53%), Flames (47%)

Saturday, April 3 vs. Vancouver:

Oilers (56%), Canucks (44%)

Meanwhile, in CondorsTown...

The Condors have finally cooled off, losing back-to-back games this weekend, after they had convinced my model that they were a juggernaut going into last week. Let’s see how much it likes them this coming week:

Tuesday, March 30 vs. San Jose:

Condors (69%), Barracuda (31%)

Friday, April 2 vs. Colorado:

Condors (65%), Eagles (35%)

Saturday, April 3 vs. Colorado:

Condors (65%), Eagles (35%)

These odds look great, of course, but it’s worth mentioning that they still only result in a 29% chance of Bakersfield going 3-0 this week, so let’s remember to keep expectations reasonable.

Until next time, bonne chance, my friends!