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Canada Set To Reduce Quarantine Time To 7 Days For NHL Players Ahead Of Trade Deadline

Players coming from the USA to Canada via trade will only be required to quarantine for a week instead of two

Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

A potentially significant trade deadline development may help alter the landscape of trade deadline day. The NHL’s trade deadline is set for April 12th. This means that NHL clubs who acquire a player from a US club would need to make a deal by Monday, March 29th if the acquired player was to be ready on April 12th.

The Canadian government is looking to slash that quarantine time in half ahead of the NHL trade deadline. From the way this alert is written, the reduction in quarantine time is exclusive to the NHL and players acquired from the USA. This means that the Oilers will only have to wait a week instead of two when they trade for Taylor Hall. That’s spectacular news, as I don’t want Hall to miss any more time than he absolutely has to when the Oilers trade two bloated contracts and a draft pick to Buffalo. That’s how it goes, right?

However the deadline goes down, the Oilers look to be buyers. That’s a good feeling. Whether they’ll trade for a complimentary piece, or whether the club plans on righting a wrong that happened 1,730 days ago, they’ll only have to wait half the time if the player is coming from the USA if this measure carries.