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The Trade Barrie (good), don’t trade Jones (bad) and don’t trade Bear (FUGLY) 8 to 10 game review!

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Edmonton Oilers
Missing! Last seen around Valentine’s Day.
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the 8, no 10, game review. We just completed our second worst segment of the season but had 2 quick and VERY important games against the Jet’s. It was not rosey after 8 games but things are great right now. We have a great opportunity to get ahead of the Leafs next weekend as well!

First 8 games, 3 wins and 5 losses for 6 points.

Games 9 to 16, 6 wins and 2 losses for 12 points!

Games 17 to 24, 5 wins and 3 losses for 10 points.

Games 25 to 32, 4 wins and 4 losses for 8 points (2nd worst segment of season)

Games 33 and 34 were back to back wins over the Jet’s to make everything awesome again.

10 Games in pictures.

We are now here:

He is here:

And here:

And here:

But NOT here????


I have nothing against Austin Matthew’s but I’d love it if Connor could win the rocket and get more goals than him. It wouldn’t shut up the media about how Matthew’s is better but it’d still be just great to have that little tidbit in your backpocket. Haven’t heard much about MacKinnon lately, have you?

Last 10 games scoring:

Nurse had more goals than any forward not named Connor and Drai. Shore with a nice little run. Khaira got his bell rung and his beautiful run may be at it’s end. I know he’s back but that Ritchie punch had concussion written all over it. More on that later.

The Goalies:

Smith with a much more realistic .903. Koskinen at .938 but he will only get every 4th start. I’m not sure why we can’t balance our goalies and always have to run one into the ground? 6 and 4 would be nice. 5 and 5 would be better. Just remember, no matter how good things are, the current playoff plan is to start Smith or Koskinen. This is a bad plan.

What I said last time:

For next time...

  1. Beat the Leafs and get this started right. (NOPE)
  2. Kahun/Yam/JP need to get more points. 5 or 6 each. (NOPE)
  3. RNH needs to keep up the .ppg pace. (NOPE)
  4. Drai needs to heal/recover/rest because something is off. (YUP)
  5. Smith and Koskinen need to split starts (NOPE)
  6. Package one of Smith/Koskinen with something good to get a good goalie while Stalock and the remaining goalie split games till the real starter arrives. (NOPE)
  7. Bear needs to be more like Bear (concussions suck!) (YUP and NOPE)
  8. Bouchard/Jones need to keep improving and forcing a trade to happen (LOL)
  9. DRY line? (LOL)
  10. Third line needs to keep rolling like they have! (YUP and NOPE)

Did I mention this was our second worst segment of the season?



After 70 combined games, which threesome has more points?

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  • 53%
    Internet Heroes JP, Jones and Bear!
    (31 votes)
  • 46%
    Internet Zeroes Kassian, Russel and Larsson!
    (27 votes)
58 votes total Vote Now

Please note this was after both crews had played 70 games combined which was last Friday. Both Groups have a RW and 2 D. Both groups have played 70 games combined as of Friday. The Internet darlings vs the Internet whipping boys!

I wrote an article about trading Tyson Barrie 6 on Feb 13th. The point of my article is that he is here for one year and has value on the trade market. I never said to trade him for prospects or picks. I never said he sucked. I said he could be used to bolster up our forwards or goalies in a hockey trade. If there is no hockey trade, then keep him. I also said he is blocking Bouchard and I’d rather a cost controlled Bouchard next season over a 31 year old Barrie. Since then a lot of people online have been going on about how awful he is (not because of my article, I’m aware I’m not a voice of the I saw a very lengthy debate on secondary assists. How easy it is to get points playing with Connor, Drai and RNH on the powerplay. How he’s ‘not even on the ice’ when he gets his ‘free points’.

This is all very reminiscent of Eberle and his ‘soft points’ which apparantly don’t count for as much as ‘hard points’. We traded Eberle and we still haven’t found a 50 to 60 point RWer! Maybe his points weren’t so easy to come by?

34pts in 62 GP (2020 - Klef)

41pts in 82 GP (2019 - Nurse)

26pts in 82 GP (2018 - Nurse)

38pts in 82 GP (2017 - Nurse)

Those are the last 4 seasons D scoring leaders for the Oil. Connor, Drai and RNH have been here for all of them. Barrie is at 30 points in 34 GP and will, most likely, destroy that in 56 games . While at the same time we are praising JP’s .39 ppg pace on Connor’s line we are knocking Barrie’s .88 ppg pace playing with Connor? If it’s so easy to just cherry pick Connor then why didn’t Klef, Nurse or Bear do it last year?

Barrie has been a very good signing and is outperforming his contract. Do I want him resigned? NO. Do I think he is great at defending? NO. Do I think we should trade him in a hockey trade? YES. Not because he sucks. I just want, for once, for the Oiler’s to trade from a position of strength and to develop one of our own drafted D properly.

You may have noticed very little mention of Bouchard in this article. It’s because he hasn’t played in at least 10 games? His last game was on his off side against the best team in the Division in an asskicking. He is not playing in Sweden. He is not in the AHL. He is just practicing and sitting in pressboxes. This is a massive MASSIVE developmental failure. He should be in every game this year and ready to take the mantle by playoffs or next season.

Here is a parting note about Mental Health from Robin Lehner. He’s 100% correct and this is one zillion times better than Bell Let’s talk and all their bullshit.