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Will Connor McDavid Reach 100 Points In 56 Games?

Oilers captain has a real chance to score 100 points (or more) in abbreviated season

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Edmonton Oilers
How many more points will Connor McDavid score in this abbreviated season?
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Last night’s 4-2 victory was a **big one** for the Oilers. The Oilers came back from being down 2-0 at the end of the first to snatch two giant points from the Winnipeg Jets. A big part of that 4-2 victory? Another two point night for Connor McDavid. McDavid’s first point of the night was an unassisted tally just 90 seconds after Winnipeg’s Pierre-Luc Dubois scored, his second point was a primary set up on Leon Draisaitl’s 18th goal of the year.

Two more points for Connor McDavid. One goal, one assist. It’s a fine night for any player in the greatest league in the world, but two points for Connor McDavid is a fairly common event. That is, it’s more common than you might think. The Oilers have just completed their 34th game of this abbreviated season in their 4-2 victory over the Winnipeg Jets In 34 games, Connor McDavid has picked up two points in nine of those games. He’s scored 3 points on six occasions this season. McDavid had a four point game against the Vancouver Canucks in the second game of the season, and twice he’s picked up five point games.

In other words, he’s had eighteen games where he’s picked up at least two points or more. Yesteday’s two point night gave him 60 on the year. In 34 games. That’s nearly two points a game (It’s actually 1.76 points per game, which is best in the league by a thick margin). Can he put up 40 more points in 22 games?


Yes, the Oilers play the Ottawa Senators a whole bunch this season. So what? Every team in the West gets to play 9-win Anaheim a whole bunch, every club in the Central plays the 10-win Red Wings a whole bunch, and every team in the God-forsaken East division gets to play the six-win Buffalo Sabres a whole bunch this season. The point? Every division has at least one super terrible team. Ottawa happens to be the North’s worst team, although Vancouver isn’t really good either. Calgary stinks too. Sorry.

I broke down how many points Connor McDavid has already scored against each team this season, the average points per game, and how many more games the Oilers will play each team this season. Here’s how that looks:

Club Total points P/G Remaining Projected Points
VAN 8 points in 5 games 1.6 5 8
MTL 2 points in 3 games 0.667 6 4
TOR 7 points in 7 games 1 2 2
CGY 14 points in 6 games 2.33 4 9
WPG 13 points in 6 games 2.167 3 7
OTT 16 points in 7 games 2.285 2 5

If you add this up, it looks like Connor McDavid is on pace for 98 points over 56 games. That’s not quite 100 points, but it’s exceptional if that’s where he finishes.

Some notes -

  • Connor McDavid has actually performed better against the Flames than against Ottawa. How about that?
  • The three games versus Toronto could really end up being a difference maker in the chase. Had McDavid gotten a single point in each of those games, he’d be on pace for 101.
  • McDavid has averaged less than a point per game against the Canadiens this season. He’ll have plenty of chances to change that. His next chance is this week as the Oilers are in Montréal for a pair.

Of course, these are averages. It wouldn’t surprise any of us if McDavid peeled off a 3 point night against Toronto next week, or if he lit Calgary up for 5 points the next time the two clubs met. With just 22 games remaining in the regular season, the chase to 100 is on. If 97 averages just a point per game against Montréal, his journey to 100 becomes that much easier.


Will Connor McDavid score 100 points or more in this year’s 56 game season?

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