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Game Odds Forecast: March 10-14

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

After doing an emergency single game article, on Monday, I’m back with a full slate of game projections for the remainder of the week.

Wednesday, March 10 vs Ottawa:

Oilers (61%), Senators (39%)

bet 365 odds: Oilers (1.43), Senators (2.90)

Implied odds: Oilers (67%), Senators (33%)

The Sens seem like a good bet here, despite the fact that I agree the Oilers should be huge favourites. They’re bad, but I don’t think they’re quite as bad as the gambling industry suggests they are. Of course, I’m probably actually wrong here, because I disagree with the best model makers in the world. I can’t believe the hill I’m dying on is that the Senators aren’t horrendously awful.

Friday, March 12 vs Ottawa:

Oilers (61%), Senators (39%)

No industry lines out for this game yet.

Saturday, March 13 vs Vancouver:

Oilers (58%), Canucks (42%)

Meanwhile, in CondorsTown...

Wednesday, March 10 vs San Diego Gulls:

Condors (67%), Gulls (33%)

Bet 365 lines: Condors (1.86), Gulls (1.86)

Implied odds: Condors (50%), Gulls (50%)

The Condors have done a complete 180 since the early weeks of the AHL season. My model had them as big underdogs to the Gulls off the bat, but, after outscoring their opponents 16-4 in three wins last week, my goal-based model now loves the Condors. Are they actually good, or just on an unsustainable heater? For now, I’m willing to bet that they’re actually ok, and place a cheeky little wager on them tonight against San Diego.

Friday, March 12 vs San Jose Barracuda:

Condors (63%), Barracuda (37%)

no industry lines out for this game yet.

Saturday, March 13 vs San Jose Barracuda:

Condors (63%), Barracuda (37%)

That’s it for this week. I’ll post another one of these back on its regular schedule next Monday.