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Oilers F Jesse Puljujarvi Added to COVID-19 List

His inclusion doesn’t necessarily mean he tested positive, but his status is in doubt for tonight and possibly longer.

Edmonton Oilers v Calgary Flames Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images

This just in:

Tough break for one of the Oilers best players of late. Apart from some rough shooting luck (on his and for sure Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ part), Jesse Puljujarvi has been looking fantastic this season:

This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s tested positive. He could have, but he could just be a close contact of someone who tested positive, or apparently, he could have returned an inconclusive test:

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure on the range of outcomes here, so if any of the following seems extremely wrong feel free to correct me in the comments. I’m pretty sure that if he tests positive, he’ll need to stay symptom-free, return a negative test later tonight, and then return two more negative tests in the next 48 hours to get himself off the list. If he tests positive again tonight, he’ll be on the shelf for a little while — and a few critical games — at least. I don’t know what the program is if he returned an inconclusive and, say, tests negative before puck drop tonight. I’m not sure how long he’d be forced to quarantine as a close contact, or whether his being in Quebec when he tested positive makes a difference.

Stay tuned.