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Connor McDavid Scores Goal Of The Year In Comeback Victory Over Rangers

McDavid scores highlight reel goal in come-from-behind victory over Rangers

New York Rangers v Edmonton Oilers
You won’t find one prettier in all the land.
Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

The Oilers are 9-1 after last night’s unbelievable come-from-behind overtime victory over the New York Rangers.

Connor McDavid scored a goal that will be the goal of the year. There’s no chance another comes close.


We here at Copper and Blue Industries And Shrubbery Inc have run out of superlatives for Connor McDavid and his artistry with the puck. It’s must-see television every time he’s on. Last night’s outburst against the Rangers was no exception.

It’s just another day at the office for the best player in the world. As soon as McDavid sees Jesse Puljujärvi come back over the blue line, McDavid just bolts through four Rangerslike he’s taking out the garbage. It’s gotta be done, might as well just do it now. Once he makes it to the clear, he deposits the pill behind Alexandar Georgiev like a pile of newspapers. Here you go.

It reminded me a little bit of this goal against the Columbus Blue Jackets back in McDavid’s rookie campaign, but yesterday’s goal has four defenders instead of just two and a half.

McDavid finished with a goal and two assists on the night, bringing his total up to 22 points in ten games. His partner Leon Draisaitl scored the game winner in OT and picked up a couple of assists along the way as well. The Oilers are 9-1 in their first ten games. It was a Friday night, the night when Kevin Lowe’s jersey would be raised to the rafters.

And that goal. What a goal. Goal of the year. Goal of the decade. Go Oilers.