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Tippett: Josh Archibald Out Indefinitely With Myocarditis

Josh Archibald has developed myocarditis, a heart condition after contracting Covid-19

Edmonton Oilers 2021-2022 Headshots Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Oilers coach Dave Tippett has announced that winger Josh Archibald is out indefinitely with myocarditis, a heart condition which can develop in people who have contracted Covid-19.

Tippett stated that Archibald contracted the virus sometime during the summer.

The logistics of Archibald’s Oilers tenure were approaching a difficult juncture, as he did not take the vaccine for Covid-19. Any unvaccinated player coming over the border into Canada would be required to quarantine away from the club for two weeks. This would have kept Archibald out of a significant number of games for the Oilers, not to mention it would keep him away from his teammates for practices.

Archibald had recently undergone some bloodwork as he reportedly wasn’t feeling quite right. Tippett had revealed that Archibald had developed a viral infection while in quarantine after coming in from the US. When the tests came back, Archibald tested positive for Covid-19 antibodies.

Archibald is the second rostered Oiler to have developed myocarditis as a result of Covid-19. Goaltender Alex Stalock is out indefinitely with the same ailment after testing positive for Covid-19 in November of 2020.

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