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Edmonton Oilers 2021-22 Season Preview Roundtable - Part 2

Supernova Seasons and Dave Tippett’s Tenure

NHL: Preseason-Edmonton Oilers at Seattle Kraken Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021-22 Oilers season has begun, and the Oilers are 1-0 after disposing of the Canucks in a shootout. It’s a great start for the Oilers. Any time you pick up two points, things are good. How many games can they win in a row? 4? 6? 27? So many questions. The staff here at Copper and Blue Industries And Parts Receivable are here to answer my questions, and there are many questions to be answered.

Today, our panel will discuss exactly how high can McDavid fly, as well as the temperature of Dave Tippett’s chair. This the second of a three-part series.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

Question: Connor McDavid blew the doors off of the scoring race last season when he scored an incredible 105 points in 56 games. The league is scheduled to play all 82 games this season, what do you think he’s capable of this year?

Corey: 150 points. It sounds absurd, but he was on pace last year, and I don’t think that was a fluke. He’s always been a point per game guy at evens, and the evolution of the Oilers’ powerplay has brought that seemingly inconceivable milestone into play. Now, it’s worth mentioning that pretty much everything would have to go right (especially staying healthy), but still, the fact that it’s even on the table is incredible.

Shona: I hate guessing points because I think they depend on a lot. I mean McDavid needs to stay healthy and play all the games to start. Some players and teams seem out to break him. And please don’t okay? But I think he’ll comfortably hit about 120 points if he’s healthy and plays the majority of those games. I bet he’d like a Cup better than another scoring title though.

Alex: Connor McDavid puts up 52 goals and 161 points this season.

Matt: 150 points isn’t out of the question, especially if he draws a few more calls this season. I’m bullish on maybe the best power play of all time, and I think they continue to absolutely bully teams this year when given the opportunity to.

Czechboy: 150 points if healthy. He is coming in fresh and looking great. Best player in the world. Finally has a support cast on forward.

Preston: The sky is the limit for 97 and the conditions are perfect for him to have a career year in all categories. Puljujarvi is looking stellar so far and, if he can click with Hyman, McDavid will cruise to yet another Art Ross Trophy. My prediction is exactly 150 points through 82 games.

Question: Is Dave Tippett on the hot seat to start the season? Why, or why not?

Corey: It’s possible that he should be. But realistically, I don’t think anyone in the organization actually thinks he is. If they start super cold, the seat may heat up. But if they start hot, the seat may cool down. I think that’s thermodynamics (I don’t know, not a big science wiz)

Shona: Yes, because Holland is an idiot about Tippett. To be honest, the time to remove him was after he squandered an amazing playoff chance for the Oilers last season.

Alex: Tip is definitely on the hot seat – you could argue that the Oilers are the biggest underperformers in the NHL the last two years and at a certain point you need to look at coaching. I think there’s a strong correlation to Tip on the hot seat and Draisaitl/McDavid/JP being together to start the year. Another slow start and it’s a call up to Jay Woodcroft.

Matt: He isn’t, but he should be. He isn’t because the thinking here just isn’t progressive or sophisticated enough to suggest the Oilers believe that he, a long-time hockey man with years of experience as both a player and coach, could be more problem than solution. He should be because there is a growing body of evidence that, IMO, suggests he isn’t fit for the role anymore.

Czechboy: Should he be? Yes. Is he? I doubt it. I’m expecting him, Holland and Nicholson to get 5 year extensions the second Zack Hyman gets a hattrick.

Preston: I don’t think Tippett is on the hot seat but he certainly should be. The guy has made a number of questionable roster decisions over his tenure as Oilers HC and those mistakes can be directly attributed to the dismal 1-7 playoff record the team has over the past two seasons.


Thanks go to our contributors for their time and responses.

Join us tomorrow for the wrap-up. The panel will discuss Ken Holland’s best offseason acquisitions, as well as a season prediction for the Oilers.