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Oilers waive Turris, Lagesson; assign Skinner to Bakersfield

Oilers shave the roster further, look to maximize their LTIR pool ahead of opening night.

Seattle Kraken v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Afternoon, Oilers fans!

This just in, from the Edmonton Oilers official Twitter account:

You might be like me and paying attention to something else today, and find yourself wondering — why?! Well, our friends over at PuckPedia have the straight dope:

My guess is both Kyle Turris and William Lagesson clear waivers, especially with some better players on waivers:

I suppose it’s possible that either of Turris or Lagesson gets claimed — stranger things have happened, after all — but I’d be at least somewhat surprised, and losing either doesn’t represent a ton of risk to Edmonton. Frankly, if some team took Kyle Turris? Great.

Meanwhile, Stuart Skinner put up solid-if-unspectacular results in limited pre-season work, sporting a shiny 0.920% after a tidy exhibition campaign. As PuckPedia noted above, it’s very possible Skinner gets brought back once Alex Stalock — who will miss the entire year — gets put on LTIR. Stay tuned.

Edmonton opens their 2021-22 campaign against Vancouver on Wednesday night. LFG.