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Hot Links: Thursday, January 28

#BellLetsTalk about the Oilers, who open a 2-game set with Toronto tonight. PLUS: auditioning Oilers need rope, Koskinen’s workload, McDavid’s frustration, the bottom six, and MORE!

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NHL: JAN 22 Oilers at Maple Leafs Photo by Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Bit behind the 8-ball this morning but we’re here and we’re ready to watch the Edmonton Oilers go 4-5 later tonight. We’re far less ready for the far more likely outcome that sees them drop to 3-6, but we’ll cross that bridge once the lineups are posted later today.

Of course, as it is GAMEDAY, our typical coverage will be posted throughout the day with our GAME THREAD looking to keep its elite comments/60 sky high. I imagine that only lasts as long as the Oilers are competitive, though, so they’d better figure their collective shit out this evening. For you. For us.

Word on the bird is Oilers captain Connor McDavid is frustrated on his way back home. Yeah, I would be too if I had to watch Kyle Turris out with less than two minutes left after scoring a worldie to bring my team back within a goal late.

Lowetide suggests that Oilers like Jesse Puljujarvi, Caleb Jones, and Dominik Kahun deserve some rope to bed into their new roles without fear of being replaced. To which I say, yes, that’s good and correct.

I don’t necessarily have that same long-view look regarding either of Ken Holland or Dave Tippett though. Show me, immediately, or show yourselves out. You know what I mean?

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