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A new record!

Well the Oil set a new record to my knowledge. After last night’s 4th consecutive 30+ shot against effort and 3rd loss in 4 games. The Oil managed to make 2 regular contributors at Copper and Blue QUIT (don’t forget your passwords in case you change your minds).

Traditionally the ‘I hate this team and am never posting again’ comes from posters who have posted 3 times. They usually get a new account, login to tell us we’re all negative and that Chia/Holland are geniuses and that this is the year. Then they quit and we never hear from them again while the team continues to suck. Rarely do we see regulars quit in such spectacular fashion.

During the game thread regular poster (and occasional fan poster) interestingandintelligent dropped in with this:

Well, I’m out for the season. I’m done with this shit. I really thought that things would be fine, but I got fucked over. I’ll probably copy this post on the postgame when we dissect yet another awful loss. Every fucking time with this team, something fucking dumb happens. It makes no sense to me how we can make all of the most logical fucking moves, basically try to do everything possible to fix this team save goaltending, and still end up in the same spot. This team has got to be cursed or some shit. You can’t just blame this on the coaches; the worlds worst coach could stumble into equal or better results. Colby fucking Cave lies dead in the ground, and this team seems to be trying as hard as they possibly can to take a group piss on his grave. “Yeah, fuck you, Colby! We have no fucking heart or soul, just a worthless black piece of rusted iron or some shit.” I try as hard as I possibly can to be the positive balance in this community and look for the best, and I can’t fucking do it anymore. You’ll see me in a while, I’m sure, but in the meantime, I’m going to be doing LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE, BECAUSE LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE IS MORE REWARDING THAN WATCHING THIS TEAM PLAY HOCKEY AND TRYING TO EXPECT THE RESULTS WE FUCKING DESERVE. If I had a fucking brain that wasn’t addled by alcohol and trying to root foe this fucking team, I would go over to the Oilers HQ, take everything in the organization, and start a process of decimation to ritually purify it. No fucking heart. No soul. Fuck you, Edmonton. Stop abusing me, you pricks. Go choke on your own vomit.

Then came the postgame review. Long time poster, and one of the better names on here, painfulloss also has had enough:

I’m actually thankful for tonight’s dreadful performance by the Oilers. It was the final push I needed to just unplug from this team, this sport, sports social media, TSN, Sportsnet…all of it. It had been brewing since last summer’s deplorable effort vs Chicago but my 35 year loyalty to the team kept me hanging on by a few threads. But no longer. The Oilers will always be my team. That is a concrete fact. But I choose to live my life without this cancerous, negative, losing-is-acceptable franchise continually raining shit showers on to my head. The whole organization is a mess. Overpaying everyone. Not improving the goalies. Ditto to the defense. Bottom 6 is a dumpster fire. How many coaches since the 90’s? How many GM’s? The owner is truly an idiot who surrounds himself with idiots. ALL WHILE WASTING MCD’S PRIME YEARS.

2020 was the single worst year in my life. Between two big health scares, a euthanized dog, a failed long-term relationship, divorce lawyers, two moves (and soon to be three) & whatever else happened, it all gave me a very clear perspective. The only kind of sports that truly matters are young kids playing for fun alongside their friends and teammates, with their parents in the stands cheering (and sometimes booing) them on. THAT is sport. Pro sports has no interest in anything but making money and selling hope to idiots like me who think it’ll all be better “next year.”

This will be my last post ever here, and I won’t be coming back. Not because of you guys – you are all incredible people who know hockey! – but because I choose to walk away from being the “die hard, ultra-loyal” fan that has seen nothing but failure and misery since 1990.

Good luck to all of you and maybe before I die I will see a 6th Cup, because we have been sitting on 5 for far, far too long!

The only time my sports teams win is on my PS4.

The Oil are truly hitting next level this season!

You could say nothing has been good since the play-in. Also right around the time they split up Drai/RNH/Yam as I believe we are 2 and 7 since then.