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Weekly Game Odds Forecast (Jan18-24)

Montreal Canadiens v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Welcome to my inaugural weekly game odds forecasting article. Last postseason, I attempted to handicap all of the playoff series, and, if you followed along, you would have made a small amount of money. While I must warn that it’s highly unlikely that my odds will be profitable versus the gambling industry over the course of a full season, what the hell, I’m going to try to forecast every Oilers game anyway from this point on. So, without further ado, here are my odds for this week:

Jan 18: Habs @ Oilers

My odds: Oilers (49%) Habs (51%)

365 implied odds (margin removed): Oilers (48%) Habs (52%)

Bet: none on the winner, but I have the game in for 5.9 goals, and 365 is slightly favouring the under at 6.5, so the under would be my play if you’re compelled to bet on something.

Jan 20: Oilers @ Leafs

My Odds: Leafs (54%), Oilers (46%)

no industry lines out yet, bet on Oilers if you can get them at 2.20 or higher, bet on Leafs if you can get them at 1.85 or higher.

Jan 22: Oilers @ Leafs

Same as the game on January 20th.

Jan 24: Oilers @ Jets

My Odds: Oilers (51%), Jets (49%)

Bet on the Oilers if you can get them at 1.97 or higher (I doubt you’ll be able to find those), bet on Jets if you can find them at 2.05 or higher (likely).