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Get on the Waiver wire Kenny!

San Jose Sharks v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

THIS! Dell is quite arguably better than Smith. He makes 800K a year. He is IN Canada. He is free! He is even from Alberta.

Here are his last 4 seasons.

He is certainly better than the soon to retire Howard in 2021. What I don’t understand? Why didn’t Holland offer a 6th round pick for him to avoid the waiver wire wait?

OR.. why didn’t we just put Forsberg on the roster and not waive him?

OR.. why did we sign Smith in the first place instead of going after players like Aaron Dell?

Or... why didn’t we make a trade for a goalie to backup Koskinen and not resign Smith?

The only thing more frustrating than having Mike Smith for 1 more year is having an injured Mike Smith for 1 more year.

I assume, if someone claims him before us, that this will free up a different goalie.