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Offseason Roundtable: A Klefbom Deal? Plus: Expansion Looms

Can the Oilers win a deal that includes Oscar Klefbom? Also, early predictions for who might be on the hot seat next year as Seattle joins the NHL

Edmonton Oilers v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s been just a little bit more than a month since the Oilers bowed out unceremoniously from the NHL’s play-in series. Today, our panel of Copper and Blue contributors weigh in on a possible Oscar Klefbom deal and a look towards the not-too distant future at the expansion draft.

With us today are Shona, Sunil, Czechboy and Preston.

This is the final part of a three part series.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Question: Is there any scenario where the Oilers can win a deal by moving Oscar Klefbom?

Shona: No. Don’t be silly. The Oilers cannot win that trade

Sunil: Definitely, as long as the manager isn’t basing his decisions on the NHL Guide and Record Book. The player coming back would just have to be young, on a long-term team-friendly deal and can contribute on the powerplay and penalty kill. Honestly, if the Oilers are so frisky to move a top-four defenceman, show some courage and start creating a market for Nurse whose perceived value is going to be much higher than his actual value.

Czechboy: Yes. I love Klef but he has one full season on his resume. It’s not his fault but relying on him as our number 1 is a big gamble that isn’t paying off. If we could get an amazing forward (Ehlers) on a good contract then it could make us better overall. Or a legit Top Dman because we don’t currently have a true number 1. Now, would I trade Klef and his beautiful contract? No but if there is a slam dunk offer then I take it. The only D I wouldn’t trade from this season is Bear. Still, this Top 4 isn’t working. They’ve had a lot of time to make some waves. They haven’t.

Preston: The only possible way they win a Klefbom deal is if they can find a better defender on a similar deal....which will not happen so no.

Question: We are a year away from the next expansion draft, but it’s never too soon to begin thinking about who could be selected. Who do you hope Seattle takes from the Oilers? Is there a player you believe the Oilers ought to keep, but is at risk being selected?

Shona: This one is really hard to guess at. In part it depends on who else Seattle takes before they get to selecting an Oiler. Obviously some people are protected as well. I would like if you don’t protect him C. Jones might be a good pick up. And I think we could see a guy from the Condors make a push and be an attractive selection. For me, it’s really too early to tell.

Sunil: Ideally Seattle takes an older Oiler who’s on a bad contract and under producing, or whose actual contributions might be overhyped. Kassian and Neal come to mind, but it could be someone younger and further down the depth chart like Khaira. Knowing who Seattle has working in their hockey operations department, I suspect they’ll target young players who have shown well at the professional level and whose contracts are under team control.

Czechboy: Kassian, Russel, Koskinen, Chiasson, Benning or Neal. I’m worried we will lose Caleb Jones or Tyler Benson. We desperately need more guys that we’ve drafted in rounds 2 to 7 in our lineup. I’m wondering if we could offer Seattle a draft pick to take one of our bad contracts away?

Preston: Seattle taking James Neal or Zack Kassian is the best case scenario for the Oilers but I doubt it happens. If the Oilers don’t make any moves on the backend before the expansion draft (which is unlikely) I’m guessing the Seattle pick will be one of either Adam Larsson or Caleb Jones. It would be in Edmonton’s interest to make sure Jones is not picked.


Thanks to our contributors for making this roundtable happen.

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