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Hot Links: Thursday, September 10

Looking at the starts and landing spots for Oilers prospects for 2020-21, preliminary plans for the next NHL season, similarities with the Dallas Stars, 50/50 to return for the SCF, Tyler Benson update, and MORE!

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NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Morning, folks!

This just in:

A couple things. It’s good, maybe even very good, that the Oilers won’t be lining up to pay through the nose for Pittsburgh Penguins goalie — and two-time Stanley Cup winner — Matt Murray.

Look, the cups are great. He’s fairly young, too. But he’s going to cost a lot of money relative to his performance, and this season alone, he ranked 59th among 66 goalies who saw more than 10 GP this season by Hockey-Reference’s GSAA (Goals Saved Above Average) metric, with -11.60 in only 38 GP. He was objectively terrible this season. The Oilers should be aiming well higher, especially if they’re considering parting with real assets to acquire him. For comparison’s sake, Mike Smith ranked 51st by that same metric. Mikko Koskinen was 16th.

Speaking of Mike Smith, that’s the concerning part of LeBrun’s post. There is no good reason to bring him back. None whatsoever. To bring Mike Smith back is to admit that the job is beyond Mr. Holland. It cannot happen. It is absolutely an offense worthy of termination, IMO.

Let’s hope they don’t do that.

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