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Hot Links: Monday, August 31

Lavoie lands in Sweden, moving back in the Draft, 31 Thoughts, potential 3C Johan Larsson profile, two goalie split next year, Teflon Chiarelli, keeping 14OV, buyouts unlikely, Tyler Benson, and MORE!

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2017 NHL Awards - Media Availability
“I don’t know how I keep sticking around either.”
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Morning, folks.

We’re back with a fresh set of links after taking the remainder of last week off in the wake of the NHL’s lack of response to multiple professional sports leagues cancelling or postponing games in protest for racial justice.

While the NHL ultimately did something — and better late than never is worth something — it would have been nice if, just once, the NHL led from the front on something like this.

Anyway, even though we’ve missed a couple of days, it’s the Oilers’ summer. News is both speculative, and pretty slow right now. We’ve got ‘insiders’ like Brian Lawton suggesting the Oilers might deal not one, but two of their incumbent top four D. We’ve got profiles on potential targets for key spots on the roster. We’ve got prospect updates. But that’s about it.

No updates or announcements regarding either of Taylor Hall or Jesse Puljujarvi. Or I guess Mike Hoffman for that matter.

News did just break this morning courtesy of TSN’s Frank Seravalli on his radio hit in Winnipeg that both Patrik Laine and Nik Ehlers will be on TSN’s next trade bait list, citing that the Jets are looking at ways to address the holes in their lineup.

Not for nothing, but we here at the old Brass and Royal have been pushing a Darnell Nurse for Nik Ehlers trade for some time now. We might not be the originators of the idea, but we’re fans:

Ehlers would instantly become the Oilers’ best natural winger, and might even pip Ryan Nugent-Hopkins as the third-best forward on the team. Some data:

Evolving-Hockey |

Remember that RAPM is Regularized-Adjusted-Plus-Minus, and attempts to strip out everything beyond a player’s control to paint a picture about their individual contributions. Ehlers is the absolute truth. Darnell Nurse would be a pittance to pay for a player who would tick so many boxes for Edmonton.

In terms of GAR? Ehlers again shows very well:

Evolving-Hockey |

Maybe Ken Holland heard Seravalli’s hit and will spend the rest of the day trying to make a move. Maybe he’ll do nothing. I suppose even that would be better than doing the wrong thing.

Time will tell, I suppose.

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