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Hot Links: Thursday, August 20

BREAKING: Lavoie loaned to SHL, Oilers top prospects, unqualified RFAs targets, BRINGING TAYLOR HALL BACK, options at goalie, Lucic/Neal revisited, and MORE!

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Arizona Coyotes v Colorado Avalanche - Game Five Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Taylor Hall. Should the Oilers bring him back?

Yes. Obviously. But with a caveat. Hall is coming off of, arguably, the worst season of his career (see image), and while the Oilers desperately need another high-end forward — not least because they can shove the guys behind him down one spot in the lineup — there has to be a price point at which signing Hall becomes more problem than solution. | @Evolving-Hockey on Twitter

I do think that number is probably well higher than Hall will ultimately sign for anywhere anyway, especially during an off-season following the COVID-19 outbreak (and its impact to HRR and the salary cap), and ahead of a season that isn’t guaranteed to start on time, or include fans.

Some team is going to find a reasonable price on a great player on the right side of 30. It might as well be the team I like.

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