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Hot Links: Wednesday, August 12

Ken Holland speaks, MSM can’t help themselves, Andreas Athanasiou, that crazy 5OT game, and MORE!

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Edmonton Oilers v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Morning, folks!

I didn’t even watch that marathon between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets last night, but it was apparently a record-setter. Honestly what struck me the most was that they called one penalty in the first three overtimes. One. An extra full game. Dead tired players. One penalty. How?

These games go this long because the rules change come summer. Columbus has a fighting chance against Tampa two years running because the game is called differently, which surely plays into Columbus’ hands more than Tampa’s. It’s stupid, and manufactured parity for the sake of, but then again so is the NHL. Maybe it’s simply fitting.

Ken Holland spoke to the media yesterday and the comment that stands out the most a day later was that he believed goaltending was a strength of theirs all year.

I’m nervous about what he might do during the offseason. If he re-signs Mike Smith I think we have to call for his resignation, no matter what.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that.

Otherwise, you’ll find some MSM articles today that begin to point the finger at Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl as among the primary reasons the Oilers couldn’t get it done. To those articles, I leave this thread courtesy of Darcy McLeod (@Woodguy55 on Twitter):

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