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Tuesday Morning Gambling Preview

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers are out, but there’s a new crop of series starting today and tomorrow, so, maybe you’re interested in watching them.

I’m not particularly interested in hockey, now that the Oilers are out of it, so I’m going to gamble on these series’ in order to spark my interests. Perhaps you’d like to do the same (although my official stance on the issue is that you should do so responsibly).

If you followed my bets on series markets in round one, you would have went 3-2, with two underdogs and a favourite as the winners (Arizona, Montreal, and Carolina), and one of each as the losers (Toronto and Minnesota).

If you had put $100 on each series, you would have made $189 in profit. Does that mean I know what I’m doing? Absolutely not.

But here are my picks for the series that start today:

Dallas Stars vs. Calgary Flames

Bet 365’s series odds: Dallas (1.86), Calgary (1.95)

Implied odds (margin removed): Dallas 51%, Calgary 49%

My Model’s odds: Dallas (56.5%) Calgary (43.5) Edge: Dallas

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

Series odds: Tampa (1.43), Columbus (2.90)

Implied odds: Tampa 67%, Columbus 33%

Model’s odds: Tampa 67%, Columbus 33% Edge: None

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Series odds: Vegas (1.28), Chicago (3.75)

Implied Odds: Vegas 75%, Chicago 25%

Model’s Odds: Vegas 69%, Chicago 31% Edge: Chicago (still really unlikely they win, though)

Boston Bruins vs. Carolina Hurricanes

Series odds: Boston (1.68), Carolina (2.25)

Implied odds: Boston 57%, Carolina 43%

Model’s odds: Boston 56.5%, Carolina 43.5% Edge: None

Stay tuned tomorrow, for my preview of the series’ that start on Wednesday. Good luck!