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The Cup is Coming Home To Edmonton

Home ice advantage? Absolutely.

1990 Stanley Cup Finals - Game 5: Edmonton Oilers v Boston Bruins
Will the Oilers raise Lord Stanley 30 years after their last championship?
3Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images


After the city was awarded hub city status, news comes today that the cup will be awarded in Edmonton. I believe that’s two good things in a row. Good things come in threes. I fully expect the league to now waive the Oilers from having to play the play-in round.

Hey, one can wish.

The Oilers just have to win the play-in round and then four more rounds after that. Easy-squeazy. No trouble at all. Get that Nugent-Hopkins / Draisaitl / Yamamoto line going and get the McDavid / Ennis tandem together and wind them up. I’m looking at you, Chicago.

Is this an unfair advantage? Perhaps. Do I care? If the Oilers bow out, no. This season’s been fractured, we’re getting July, August and September hockey, there will be triple-headers every day during the playoffs (hope the ice is ready), and we’re cramming the end of a season in during the most non-hockey months of the year.

If the Oilers win? Plan the parade.