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Hot Links: Thursday, July 2

Edmonton and Toronto named Hub Cities, Oilers extend agreement with ECHL’s Wichita Thunder, NHL going back to the Olympics, Kailer Yamamoto, Theo Lennstrom, and MORE!

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Canada v Denmark - IIHF World Championship 2018 Photo by Marco Leipold/City-Press via Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Big day yesterday with the NHL confirming that Edmonton and Toronto will be their two Hub Cities whenever the season officially resumes.

LT took a look at Ken Holland’s procurement sources. As in, does he sign mostly college kids, European Free Agents, or does he rely on the Draft more than most?

TSN’s Bob McKenzie is reporting that the Salary Cap will remain flat for the next two years while the NHL and PA iron out the finer points of resumption and a CBA extension. He added that there is not likely to be any compliance buyouts.

Kailer Yamamoto’s addition mid-season was a huge boon for the Oilers. What other areas might he be able to affect for these Oilers?

Long time friend of the show Bituman took a deep dive into advanced stats in their latest Fanpost.

Theodor Lennstrom, signed in April of this year, has his eyes on the prize: a first team job with the Oilers.

With the NHL likely to head back to the Olympics, what might the 2022 version of Team Canada look like?

Training camp is supposed to restart on July 10, barely a week away. Who are his options for left wing?

The Oilers and the ECHL’s Wichita Thunder have extended their developmental relationship with a new multi-year deal.

More details on the Oilers’ Hub City proposal.

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