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Oilers To Play Flames In Late July Exhibition Game

Oilers and Flames will say hello to each other on July 28th

NHL: Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers
Matt Tkachuk and the rest of the Calgary Flames are set to meet the Oilers on July 28th for an exhibition math
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers will be getting down with the Chicago Blackhawks for their play-in series which starts on Saturday August 1st.

Prior to that, a little appetizer.

The Oilers will be hooking up with their provincial rivals as they’ll host the Flames two weeks from tonight in a one game exhibition. All 24 teams are scheduled to play one exhibition game prior to the start of that weekend’s play-in.

You will recall the Calgary Flames.

There will be twelve games spread across three days - four games a day. Two will take place each day in Edmonton, while two will take place in Toronto. The Battle of Alberta will be featured on the 28th, while famous rivalries like Leafs / Habs and Islanders / Rangers will round out three days of exhibition hockey.

It’s unclear as to how much time the superstars will skate on this game, though I’d expect to see them get their legs going for at least a good portion of it. While it’ll be fun to see the Oilers take on an actual opponent that means absolutely nothing towards standings or playoff seeding, avoiding key injuries ought to be the number one priority.

Even if it’s against the Flames.