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Hot Links: Tuesday, July 14

July camp opens, Connor McDavid ready to dominate, Caleb Jones, Colby Cave tribute, Day 1 line combos, 8 more COVID-19 tests come back positive, salary cap news, what to expect from Tyler Ennis, and MORE!

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NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Toronto Maple Leafs John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Morning, folks!

Connor McDavid has had a second summer to rest his weary body and further strengthen his once-seriously-injured leg. He still managed to finish second in the league (behind Leon Draisaitl) in points per game with 1.52 (34-63-97 in 64GP) while operating at less than 100%, but surely this rest has been more beneficial to McDavid than most. Early reports from Day 1 of camp suggest McDavid is looking like an animal out there.

Further observations from the first day of training camp, including Caleb Jones’ absence (designated unfit to practice yesterday, but joined the black aces for a skate after the main group was finished), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’ deployment beside Connor McDavid for line rushes, the goaltender situation, and, of course, the tribute to the late Colby Cave.

It’s weird, but they’re here for it: how the Oilers are embracing this unprecedented situation.

While NHL training camps were opening up across the continent, the NHL released a statement identifying 8 more cases of COVID-19 via its Phase 2 testing. With Caleb Jones then marked as unfit to practice, speculation was rampant. But Jones’ joining the black aces for a skate ruled him out. If you thought upper-body and lower-body designations were annoying, welcome to the new world of unfit to play.

The late Colby Cave was paid tribute by the organization during the first day of training camp.

While the salary cap situation has brought mostly bad news for the Oilers with the cap staying flat for the next couple years, the new MOU between the NHL and PA includes a wrinkle that might offer them bit of breathing room after all.

Tyler Ennis was mostly pretty good during his time in Edmonton. What can we expect from him come playoffs?

All that and more as July Camp continues, we’ll keep you posted with any big developments.

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