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Hot Links: Wednesday, July 1

NHL approaching Hub City decision with Edmonton and Toronto all but official, a look at Ryan Huffner’s chances at camp, Darnell Nurse’s career so far, and MORE!

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Edmonton Rides An Economic Wave Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Excuse my tardiness I had to see a few dogs about a few different horses this morning. I’ve never known quite what that means but I do love its performance as a vague excuse.

The biggest story of the day is, unquestionably, that TSN’s Bob McKenzie all but confirmed Edmonton and Toronto as NHL Hub cities. There are still a number of important details to work out, but it’s basically official now.

I have mixed feelings about it, ranging from ‘I don’t like this, really’ to ‘I really don’t like this’, but it is what it is. What do you think? Or, if you’re living in Edmonton right now, what would you think if the circus came to your city?

Ryan Kuffner was an extra in the Andreas Athanasiou deadline-day acquisition, but might he have a shot at the first team at camp?

The crew over at Broad Street Hockey apparently woke up on the wrong side of the pissed in corn flakes with a real burr in their bonnet this morning. What gives, Philly?

The Athletic spoke to Wayne Gretzky, mostly about making and liking alcohol.

The Athletic also ran through every team’s best and worst Draft classes of all time. Which Draft classes represented the Oilers’ best and worst? Let us know in the comments.

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