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Update: Edmonton And Toronto Are Hub Cities

And then, there were (what appeared to be) two.

Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

**UPDATE**: It's official.

Happy Canada Day to all of our wonderful readers.

Like many things, the selection process for the NHL’s hub cities has been tedious. Last night, it looked like things became a little clearer.

Lavoie, along with Bob McKenzie have suggested that Edmonton and Toronto are the frontrunners to become hub cities for the 2019-20 NHL Playoffs. It’d be kinda nice if they would name them today, but announcement might not come until the end of the week.

Provided that everyone can stay healthy, Edmonton as a hub city is a huge deal for the city. Playing hockey in cities that have not yet controlled the COVID-19 outbreak (such as Vegas or Chicago) doesn’t make good sense for anyone involved, not just players.

So what’s next?

Phase 3 (training camp) is expected to begin next week, and it would be an added surprise if both the NHL and the NHLPA could hammer out an extension. As much as I like lockouts (and doing cool top ten lists instead of the Top 25 under 25), I’d much rather have some games to safely watch.