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Hot Links: Tuesday, June 30

We need to talk about Kevin, the 20-21 Bakersfield Condors, NHL Network picks Blackhawks to win, remembering the 19-20 season, new bodies at Rogers, a lot of COVID-19 positives among NHL players, and MORE!

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Edmonton Oilers v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Hey, folks!

Yesterday, the NHL PR twitter account provided an update:

I’m no epidemiologist, but that seems... Ungood.

Corey took a brief look at Kevin Lowe’s HHOF induction, noting that his individual numbers are among the least impressive of any HHOFer.

Lowetide the content machine tried to project the 2020-21 iteration of the Bakersfield Condors.

The NHL Network’s Mike Johnson and Mike Rupp both believe that Chicago will pip the Oilers in the qualifying round, due to a combination of Edmonton’s reliance on special teams and Chicago’s experience.

The Oilers released their Phase 3 camp roster yesterday, with few surprises.

Lowetide tried to remind everyone of the Oilers season that was pre-pandemic, as sort of a primer for the play-in rounds.

Ethan Bear and Patrick Russell have joined the small group of Oilers training and practicing at Rogers Place.

What will happen if NHL Players opt out of playing? We’ve seen it in other sports, with Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals (MLB) and DeAndre Jordan of the New Jersey Nets (NBA) announcing their intentions to sit out the rest of their seasons yesterday.

Oilers prospect Markus Niemelainen: more Johan Motin or Martin Marincin?

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