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Hot Links: Monday, June 29

#Oilers among potential winners of first overall pick if play-in goes poorly, does trading down in the Draft make sense this year?, Draft memories, NHL and PA nearing new CBA agreement, and MORE!

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2020 CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Morning, folks!

The big story from the NHL over the weekend was, of course, the absurdity that is the NHL Draft Lottery. Placeholder Team won the right to select first overall, meaning a run-off second phase Draft after the play-in round will take place to determine who that placeholder will be.

Of course, we all hope the Oilers go deep this summer/fall/decade but if they do run cold for a few games, a 12.5% chance at Alexis Lafreniere — better odds than the Oilers had to win McDavid, by the by — would be decent consolation.

The Oilers have tried trading up (Riley Nash) and trading down (Marc Pouliot and J.F. Jacques) in recent history, to questionable effect. But what about this year? Might there a case to try again this year? Might this be the year?!

Yesterday marked the 26 year anniversary of the Oilers’ selections of Ryan Smith and Jason Bonsignore. 26 years. My god.

As per ESPN, the NHL and its Players Association are nearing a new CBA agreement.

Like most playoff runs, this year’s Oilers will have to stay relatively healthy to have any chance.

Former Oiler Drake Caggiula has revenge on the mind. Who cares, right?

What do the Oilers need from this year’s Draft?

Oilers GM and newly-minted HHOFer Ken Holland prefers a playoff run to the first overall pick. I mean, yes.

Tyler Benson’s struggle to put the puck in the net might affect his NHL future with Edmonton.

Oilers prospects D Philip Broberg and G Olivier Rodrigue will be invited to Oilers camp.

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