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Hot Links: Wednesday, June 24

Edmonton still alive as potential NHL Hub, Broberg will be invited to Camp, if Shane Doan has an HHOF case, does Kevin Lowe?, Tim Stutzle the German wunderkind, and MORE!

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2019 Canada’s Walk Of Fame Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images

Morning, folks!

Light news day in the hockey world, with the most talked about topic in my neck of the woods somehow being the viability of one Shane Doan as a Hall of Famer. The conversation began thanks to a graphic released by the NHL’s twitter account including Doan’s name and facsimile of a human face alongside those of Marian Hossa and Patrik Elias. As if Shane Doan’s longevity alone is enough to get into the Hall of Fame these days. As if Shane Doan isn’t as famous for his shit-heeling cheap shots as he is for his ability to whisper to horses. As if the HHOF is for random jobbers with wholly unremarkable careers. For people who scored 30 goals one time during the epoch that was their career.

But I digress. Shane Doan sucks.

The Oilers are one of the final 6 teams being considered for an NHL Hub City. Sort of amazing after Tin Palace closed due to COVID-19.

Philip Broberg will be invited to the Oilers camp when Phase 3 officially begins. Whether he comes remains to be seen, but the Oilers want him practicing around NHL players.

Nothing like a good trade tree! How the Oilers turned Mark Messier into Oscar Klefbom and Andreas Athanasiou.

ESPN went back over the last 30 years (HOLY SHIT 1990 WAS 30 YEARS AGO) to look at every NHL team’s most hyped prospect in that period.

Is there a case to be made for Kevin Hall’s inclusion into the Hockey Hall of Fame? What about if they don’t let Shane Fucking Doan in?

Filed Under “Berta”: news broke yesterday that some family in Alberta actually named their son McDavid. His first name. McDavid. I hate that family. That poor, poor kid.

Let’s meet John from San Diego, the man who just made a cool $135,811 on a Connor McDavid rookie card. I bet he wouldn’t name his son McDavid.

We’ve heard of Alex Lafreniere and Quin Byfield, but what about Tim Stutzle, the German standout who just won the DEL’s rookie of the year?

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