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The Video Review

It’s video game week at SB Nation. Which hockey game has the most replay value?

Two bit, four bit.
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Video games! There’s nothing like curling up on the couch with the ol’ joystick and a six pack of Old Vienna while cranking out a couple of games of Atari’s Ice Hockey on the 2600.

Video games have come a long way since however many bits were in whatever that is at the top of the page. We’ve come from globs of blinking pixels from the early 80s into 8 bits of international hockey in the late 80s. From the 16-bit days of the 90s and throughout the 2000s came more and more lifelike simulations. One-timers came about in the mid-90s, as did full rosters and roster moves. The smallest details are now included in the latest EA Sports game, right down to the laces on the skates.

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time on any game from then til now will no doubt have a favourite. What’s yours?

Maybe yours is the latest EA release, or maybe it’s one of the early classics from your childhood. Maybe it’s one in the Wayne Gretzky series, or it’s a ground-breaker like NHL 94.

During video game week, we’ll be covering some of our favourites. Join us for a trip down memory lane beginning tomorrow, and let us know in the comments about the games you love to remember.