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“Phase 3” Scheduled For July 10th

Training camps set to open on July 10th

Gary Bettman Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

Phase two has been in full swing for four days now. Players have been participating in some informal skating with a strict limited capacity at their home rinks. Everything is lax for now. The NHL announced that it would introduce Phase 3 to begin on July 10th.


From the looks of things, Phase 3 is training camp. The players will have been off for nearly three months due to COVID-19 by the time July 10th comes. Training camp is scheduled to be held for the 24 teams that are playing in this year’s modified playoff system. Actual games will be played once phase 4 begins, which will likely be sometime near (or in) August.

Once Phase 4 is announced, all of the teams are expected to relocate to a pair of NHL “hub cities” where teams will begin play. Wherever that is, the Oilers will face off against the Blackhawks in a best of five “play in” series.