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Hot Links: Wednesday, June 10

NHL misses mark with anti-racism video, how COVID-19 has and may continue to impact the league, Andreas Athanasiou and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins extensions, Matt Benning interview, and MORE!

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Columbus Blue Jackets v Edmonton Oilers

Morning, folks!

The NHL came under fire yesterday for centering Tyler Seguin in their anti-racism ad, which consisted of ~45 seconds of Seguin’s tweets and Instagram posts set to an inspiring soundtrack. The ad was immediately criticized — rightly — for not mentioning police brutality, for failing to center Black lives and voices, and for failing to address racism. It was taken down later in the day. It should never have been posted.

Leave it to the NHL to trip over the bar on the floor. Every single time. Black lives matter.

Erik Gudbranson wrote a long-form piece about wanting to do more, and explaining why he hasn’t so far.

With COVID-19 already binning the remainder of the 2019-20 season and forcing modifications to the league’s playoff format, what other changes might the pandemic force upon the NHL? Should the league stick with the new 24-team playoffs?

Andreas Athanasiou was the Oilers’ biggest addition at the trade deadline, both in terms of reputation (as a recent 30-goal man) and acquisition cost (two picks sent the other way). He’s an RFA due for a new deal but he didn’t set the world alight here in Edmonton, so, what’s next?

Bruce McCurdy offers his take on why Leon Draisaitl deserves the Hart Trophy this season.

Spector believes that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will sign a new extension here in Edmonton, but that there isn’t pressure to get it done right now.

Matt Benning was among the handful of Edmonton Oilers to return to the ice this week when the NHL shifted into Phase 2 of resumption. He spoke to reporters about it.

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