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Leon Draisaitl Takes Art Ross Trophy In Shortened 2019-20 Regular Season

Deutschland Dangler compiles 110 points in shortened season

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Edmonton Oilers
Business as usual for Leon
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

There are lots of things that we don’t know about the NHL’s Return To Play.

  • When will games be played?
  • Where will they be played?
  • Will they even be played?
  • Do the 8 teams that lose the “play-in” series get to count those play-ins as a playoff appearance?

Like I said, plenty of things that we’ve still got to hash out.

One thing I’m sure of? Leon Draisaitl is your Art Ross Trophy winner for the 2019-20 NHL season. Let’s watch a clip.

Draisaitl compiled 110 points - an excellent number for a full season. Draisaitl put up 110 points in 71 games (43-67-110) to lead the NHL when the season went on pause in mid-March. Had the season played out to 82 games, Draisaitl would have likely been creeping around the 130 point mark . Draisaitl’s 110 points were thirteen more than his Oilers teammate Connor McDavid, who finished second in scoring with 97 total points.

110 points in 71 games is an exceptional total. Even more exceptional? Leon Draisaitl had ten game winners, doubling his previous season high of 5.

And? He did a significant chunk of that running his own show. McDavid and Draisaitl are still a great tandem - especially if you want to get the power play moving. But, who could miss Leon’s time with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and the emerging Kailer Yamamoto? Yamamoto spent more than 80% of his even strength time with Leon Draisaitl this past season.

If they figure out a permanent fixture at 1RW, we’ll see more of 93-29-56 if and when we pick this season up. Even if the Oilers don’t find a permanent fixture there, we’re going to see more Leon with 93 and 56 because when he’s in the middle between Nuge and Yamamoto, good things are happening.

Leon Draisaitl is your Art Ross Trophy winner for 2019-20. What’s next?