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Hot Links: Friday, May 22

Underdog week rolls on with “Teach Me How To” Dougie Weight and “Juicy” Jussi Markkanen, a new 3 on 3 hockey league, Bob Green’s draft record, 31 Thoughts, Zack Kassian’s season, Bill Ranford’s Conn Smythe, and MORE!

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Edmonton’s Doug Weight Photo by John Giamundo/Getty Images

Hey, folks! Happy Friday.

Underdog week marches on with profiles on Jussi Markkanen and Doug Weight. Sure, maybe you take umbrage with the idea that Doug Weight, inarguably one of the best Oilers to ever do it, is in an underdog. But, in terms of appreciation around the league? Certainly.

A group of former NHLers, including one Grant Fuhr, have partnered together to create a new 3-on-3 hockey league: 3ICE. Games are set to start this summer.

Bob Green is no longer in charge of the Oilers’ drafts, with Tyler Wright coming over with Ken Holland from Detroit to take that responsibility. So, how was Green’s record overall?

Elliotte Friedman suggests that it was the existence of Carey Price, and the fear he strikes in opponents, that prevented the NHL from implementing a best-of-three Round 0 for this year’s stupid playoff format.

Zack Kassian collected a big fat paycheck this year after producing (somewhat) on Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl’s right wing. But, did he have a good season?

Lowetide takes a look at the bottom end of the 2020 draft class, looking to find some gems.

A look back at Bill Ranford’s incredible run in the 1989-90 playoffs, when he backstopped the Oilers to their fifth — and, so far, final — Stanley Cup.

The NHL’s Return to Play model is absolutely fucking the Edmonton Oilers. Sure, I get that it’s all chaos and chaos is to be embraced, but there is no denying the Oilers are getting screwed. As it stands right now, they’d be the only team sitting second in their division that would have to play a play-in game. Go figure.

Evan Bouchard — Edmonton’s top prospect at the moment — is still on track after a lovely second half in his first full AHL season.

So if Edmonton does indeed have to play Chicago to defend the playoff spot they already occupy, how do they match up with the Blackhawks?

Edmonton is dead serious about hosting as an NHL hub city, and are reportedly putting together a ‘lifestyle’ presentation to the players, hoping to push them over the top. The pitch includes things like private access to a golf course, among other things.

PuckPedia conducted a three-part survey with a group of NHL agents. Worth your time to see some insight into what things are most important for the players (and, obviously, their agents).

Have yourselves a good weekend, and we’ll see you on the other side.

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