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It’s Underdog Week At Copper and Blue

Some extra love for the lunch pail brigade

Fernando Pisani Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

While the NHL is busy hammering out a schedule for a possible return this season, we’re about to take a look at the underdogs.

I’m talking about players who had the goods, but sometimes got overlooked for the bigger names. Your third line, the PK specialist. Maybe a top line name who got buried underneath another name, for whatever reason. A goalie who appeared out of nowhere. Maybe a player like the freshly retired Ales Hemsky - one who carried mail the while getting hammered in the corners every night. Maybe a player like Fernando Pisani - one who did the same job each and every night, one who created a memory when they were in the right spot at the right time.

Join our writers this week as we take a look at those players who might have not got the recognition they richly deserved on their first go-round. Names that you are no doubt familiar with, but also ones that our staff hold near and dear for what they contributed on the ice.

Beginning this afternoon (and continuing through this week), we’ll review some names that deserve another look.

It’s Underdog Week at Copper and Blue, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.