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Hot Links: Friday, May 15

Looking at player performance over the last three seasons, ~20 overall has been kind to Edmonton historically, the next McDavid?, Leon Draisaitl interview, Tyler Benson, and MORE!

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Nashville Predators v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Hey, folks!

We’re on the precipice of another weekend, and heading into the third month of The New World. Days blur together and I don’t even remember what jeans feel like, but here we are.

Hope everybody’s coping as best they can.

Lowetide took a look at the Oilers forwards’ performance over the last three years, to see who’s trending where.

Historically, the Oilers have found productive NHL players in and around #20 overall in the NHL Draft.

The most recent OHLer with exceptional status because of how young and good they are just won that league’s Rookie of the Year. He’s already being touted The Next McDavid. (As if, right?)

In the latest 31 Thoughts, Friedman had an idea about what a 24-team playoff would look like.

Leon Draisaitl joined Tim and Sid to discuss a variety of topics, from the COVID-19 stoppage to being a soccer fan from Germany.

Tyler Benson has accomplished about everything he needs to at the AHL level if he’s ever going to make noise in the majors. So what’s next?

Take care over the weekend, folks. We’ll see you on the other side.

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