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Hot Links: Thursday, April 23

Remember the season? Mavrik Bourque: bad name or good prospect? Reflecting on the 2016-17 playoffs and the 1987 Stanley Cup Final. NHL still holding out hope for summer hockey, and MORE!

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Edmonton Oilers v San Jose Sharks - Game Six Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Morning, Oilers fans!

It’s been weeks now since the Oilers last played a hockey game. Can you remember their record? Where they stood in the division? In the conference? How many points they’d likely need to clinch?

Lowetide profiled Mavrik Bourque as the Oilers will have to look for another skilled forward outside of the top ten this summer.

Three years ago, the Edmonton Oilers clinched a first-round series win over the San Jose Sharks in six games. How fun was that?

With Sportsnet replaying the 1987 Stanley Cup Final, some members of the losing Philadelphia Flyers team sat down to reminisce about it.

Friedman and Marek’s latest 31 Thoughts podcast includes conversations about what’s next for hockey, looking ahead to the 2020 Draft, possibilities for resuming the 19-20 season, and more.

It appears the NHL’s ‘neutral site’ idea is dead, but the league is actively entertaining using one NHL city from each division to host divisional games. Given Edmonton’s new facilities, and the connection from the rink to the J.W. Marriott, it’s being touted as among the best candidates league-wide. I have my reasons for not liking it, but there are a lot of people who seem on board, both locally and outside of the city. How do you feel about it?

Paul Coffey spoke to Sportsnet about the Oilers’ battles with the Islanders dynasty and his exit from Edmonton, among other things.

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