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Hot Links: Monday, April 20

Busting out the calculator to talk salary cap, rolling out an all-time Oilers team based on the Gretzky Index, filtering through season-resuming options, and lighting up with memories of McDavid Day. Happy 4/20 everyone!

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2017 NHL Awards And Expansion Draft Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Morning, folks!

What a glorious day to be alive. I hope you encounter more joints than a renowned physiotherapist.

A busy weekend’s worth of links are waiting for you today, so snuggle up with your favorite sativa, or get intimate with your favorite indica while you get acquainted with the latest.

Corey introduced the Gretzky Index yesterday, a proprietary metric by which to compare an Oiler’s performance to that of the greatest to ever do it.

This past weekend Oilers fans celebrated the five year anniversary of McDavid Day, a wonderful, magical day in April of 2015 that saw the Edmonton Oilers win the privilege of drafting the second-best Oiler in franchise history.

The latest salary cap projections suggest no increase for the coming year. Even that feels optimistic at this point, but even a cap that remains the same will cause a few problems for the Oilers next season.

How might the playoffs look if the season does resume this summer?

Might Sam Gagner return as a free agent for a third turn in an Oilers sweater?

Edmonton GM Ken Holland expressed his disappointment over the Oilers’ promising season coming to a screeching halt.

Dave Tippett wsa one of three NHL coaches who spoke to the media on Friday afternoon. He talked a number of things, including Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl’s desperate desire to win, which was key in buoying the Oilers to a likely playoff berth this year.

Lowetide looked back at the Edmonton Oilers’ and Calgary Flames’ drafting between 2010-2019.

Have a wonderful day. Take a break, you probably deserve it. Stay safe and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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