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Hot Links: Tuesday, March 31

Oilers and Flames cut staff, Q&A with AHL Commissioner Scott Howson, looks back in time, a Leon Draisaitl update, Anton Slepyshev news, and MORE!

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NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Edmonton Oilers Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, folks!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that to tickle your palates on this fine Tuesday morning. No better time than a period of self isolation to be rocked by a snowstorm, but at least we got groceries first, am I right?

If you’re anything like me you’re happy as a clam that you got your new PC built before it got ugly out there and are now rifling through your limited and dated steam catalog because there’s nothing to do but play the hits.

If you’re not anything like me you’re probably in good physical shape and focused more on how to do pushups and the like while leveraging your coffee table for extra weight. IDK if that’s even a thing, I don’t work out. I have a PC.

The Athletic sat down with former Oilers bigwig and current AHL Commissioner Scott Howson. He spoke at some length about Philip Broberg, Raphael Lavoie, and of course, his new gig with the AHL.

In unfortunate news yesterday, the two NHL teams in Alberta announced temporary layoffs to a percentage of their staff. I haven’t been as militant in this instance because, TBH, I’ve stopped following what’s been going on. I’m sure it’s bullshit and I’m sure they can do better if they want to, but what can we do? Can we shame them again? They blocked us, so I can’t even reach them myself. This news does come on the heels of the Oilers hockey and business executives taking enormous cuts to their personal salaries, but it still doesn’t sit that well.

Lowetide took a look back at the preseason projections and how the Oilers performance lined up against them now that the season looks to be over.

On March 30, 2017, the Oilers played the San Jose Sharks in a crucial contest for their playoff aspirations. Jeff took a look back last night.

The NHL live streamed Game 1 of the 1983 Western Conference Final, which saw Wayne Gretzky collect 5 points in what was a vintage Gretzky performance.

Leon Draisaitl joined a video conference call yesterday in what appears to be a conscious push by the league to get some of its more prominent faces in front of its fans during these trying times. He spoke about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on his life since the season has been postponed.

Anton Slepyshev’s name has come up in return rumors lately, but word on the street is the Oilers will only welcome him back for the right price. Of course, that makes sense. But what’s the right price for someone whose KHL production was as good as Slepyshev’s last year?

March 30th is a significant date in Oilers history, as the WHA introduced them as part of a four-team expansion (Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques, and Hartford Whalers) on March 30, 1979.

Oilers D Matt Benning is still coping with COVID-19 on his family farm, and he checked in with the fans while giving them a glimpse of his good boy Moose, who celebrated his third birthday yesterday. Moose is a dog.

That’ll do it for this morning, so as usual, stay golden, Pony Boys. Or is it Ponies Boy? IDK, either way. Stay golden.

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