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Hot Links: Friday, March 27

Oilers offerings to ease you into the weekend.

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NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Edmonton Oilers
Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Hey folks!

Oilers news is slowing to a trickle as the NHL season gathers dust, but it hasn’t stopped just yet. Though it seems unlikely that the season will resume in any capacity at this point, especially so given the NBA’s recent decision to bin their season, the NHL has yet to officially do the same. And, until they do, we’ll hold onto hope that the Oilers will enjoy their second playoff appearance since 2005-06.

If the season does resume, the league’s two best players in the last decade or so, Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin, would be in favor of skipping the remainder of the regular season. With both of their teams currently occupying playoff spots, it makes sense.

But until the season does resume, it’s time to dig into the crates and look at Oilers past and present. Key points and key players dot today’s links, with a side of 2020 Free Agency and a hint of miscellaneous. We’ll keep it brief this morning. It is Friday after all.

From Us

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From Elsewhere

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For Money

Oilers ABC: Picking The Best Players In Franchise History, From Anderson To Zuke (Athletic)

Lowetide: Dave Tippett Deploys Unproven Talent Expertly In First Oilers Season (Athletic)