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Hot Links: Wednesday, March 25

Two draft lotteries? A shortened season next year? The NHL spoke about contingencies. Plus updates on Filip Berglund contract talks, Oilers memories, and a Wayne Gretzky interview. And MORE!

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NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Edmonton Oilers Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Hi, everybody!

(Waits for Hi, Doctor Nick!)

How are we today? You staying sane? You getting your TV and beer in to avoid going something something?

The biggest news in our world yesterday was me finding out that the Copper and Blue twitter account has been blocked by the Edmonton Oilers.

Sure, you’re probably thinking, you guys have been calling them out on their inadequacies for over a decade. It’s about time, you’re thinking. That’s what you get, you’re thinking. But it’s worth noting that, despite that decade-plus of criticism, we were NOT blocked before this:

Sure, the math is embarrassing, but if that’s what it took, so be it. I’m just glad they decided to pay their people. We don’t need access to the official team twitter to cover them, and let’s not pretend we don’t have burners on burners to get the juiciest nuggets. Not that nuggets of any juice come through the official channels anyway.

The NHL Draft Lottery was originally slated for early April, but with everything on hold that is certain to change. Another consideration is what happens to the teams who aren’t in the lottery? How will the league determine where they pick?

On this day in 1982, Wayne Gretzky became the first NHL player to reach the 200 point mark in an NHL season. Brilliant.

Ken Holland and the Oilers have some decisions to make about their unsigned 2016 draft picks, including Filip Berglund.

Scott Howson, former Oilers executive and current AHL Commissioner, spoke to Oilers Now yesterday.

Yesterday, various iterations of an All-Time Game 7 Oilers lineup made the rounds. Spector’s included Kelly Buchberger while omitting Taylor Hall. Taylor Hall would make my team.

Wayne Gretzky joined Sportsnet 590 for a radio interview, talking greatness, Gordie Howe, his time as an Oiler, and more.

A story that’s sort of flown under my radar is what’s to happen with Mike Smith? Of course, he was a sub-0.910% goaltender and will be cresting 38 years of age soon, but Ken Holland does love him some stability.

A day in the life of Ken Holland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’ll do it for today. As always, stay safe out there. Wash. Avoid. You know the drill. It’ll be a few months yet.

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