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Lost Links: Wednesday, March 18

And the cosmic ballet, goes on.

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Morning, folks!

Hope you’re keeping those hands washed and those faces untouched!

Still putting out the links because, well, what the hell else am I gonna do in the mornings?!

Jeff took a look at TSN’s ‘player proposed’ plan for finishing the season, which would see the NHL resume in July before finishing in September. A quick draft/free agency period to follow in October before the 2020-21 season proper starts again in November.

Let’s just say I think even that is incredibly optimistic. The calculus will change very quickly on this and I imagine it will be but a few weeks before we get word that the 2019-20 season is binned for good. There is too much going on here and life will likely be disrupted to some degree by COVID for months, not weeks. I can’t see an alternative that isn’t underlined by extreme optimism. Which is great. Keep that up. But also. Stay alert. Stay safe.

(Wow. I was in no way prepared for the nostalgia I felt when I found those video clips. Tomorrow will be ‘don’t you put it in your mouth’ day. Canadian classics. So much so that part of me is wondering if the links from here on out should just be an old episode of Camp Cariboo.)

Oilers captain Connor McDavid posted an update with his wonderful sidekick Lenny yesterday, advising everyone to practice social distancing and all of that good stuff.

Look at that pups. What a good pups.

Oilersnation is continuing to dive back into 40 moments that have defined the Oilers, to commemorate their 40th anniversary and, presumably, to keep themselves from going bonkers crazy during this period of social distancing. Today’s moment? 50 in 39.

Former Oilers player — and forever Oilers fan favorite — Sam Gagner has returned home to Edmonton with his family after spending a few weeks in Detroit post-deadline.

A look at how Matt Benning and his family are handling the weirdest spring of their lives.

All that and more in today’s links, get yourselves read, and washed, and sanitized, and we’ll see you tomorrow. Keep your heads up. And free of your dirty, filthy hands.

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