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2021 Return To Play Official: Oilers Will Play In All Canadian “North” Division

The puck drops on January 13th in a 56 game season. Sit tight, it all begins shortly.

Edmonton Oilers v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images


It’s official: The NHL will begin an abbreviated 56 game season on January 13th. For the Oilers (and the remaining 23 teams who participated in 2020’s Return To Play), this means that training camp will open up exactly ten days prior to the regular season taking flight.

For the 2021 regular season, play will be limited to within each club’s respective division. This means that the Oilers will play only clubs in the all-Canadian “North” division, which will guarantee the Oilers will be seeing a whole lot of the Jets, Canucks, and yes, Calgary Flames. The schedule is expected to be completed sometime this week.

At the conclusion of the regular season, the top four clubs in each division will advance to a 16-team playoff.


Expect things to take off almost immediately. The waivers period begins on December 28th, expect some depth signings to happen around the league between now and then.


Now’s a great time for the Oilers to sign Ethan Bear. If not now, maybe next week. If they could get it done before training camp, I’d like that very much.

Get ready, it’s all about to happen. In a 56 game season, where do you see the Oilers finishing in an all-Canadian 7-team division?