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Philip Broberg’s Coming to Edmonton

Edmonton’s 2019 8th overall pick named to Sweden’s WJHC roster for the third time.

Image courtesy Edmonton Oilers |

This just in:

Sure, the Oilers themselves tweeted something to this effect yesterday, too:

But now it’s official.

Broberg has enjoyed a nice start to his season in Skellefteå AIK, collecting a smooth 2-6-8 in 23 GP, which is tied for the team lead (T-21 in the SHL, with Theodor Lennström in fact) in scoring among defensemen. He’s played an average of 19:03 per contest — third-most among all players on Skellefteå’s second pairing — but unfortunately he is also the leader in the clubhouse at -9.

He recently landed at #5 in this year’s Top 25 Under 25, and most of us around here at least seem to agree that he will — or should, anyway — spend this entire year in Sweden to work on his deficiencies, but I can’t help but think that all this talk of expanded NHL rosters and/or taxi squads might mean he sticks around in Edmonton after the tournament.

This will be Broberg’s third tour with the Swedish WJHC team. He posted 0-1-1 in 4 GP as a 17 year old (after a healthy 2-4-6 in 7GP in the U18’s that same year), but couldn’t build on that a year later with a mere 1-0-1 in 7GP at 18. This year, he comes in as a 19 year old professional whose day job is playing meaningful minutes against grown ass men and should be featured on Sweden’s blue line.

A dominant performance here will go some way toward demonstrating just how far he’s come in a year. By that same token though, another underwhelming pass through the WJHC and it might get a few peoples’ hackles raised about his outlook.

That’s probably a bit absurd either way, given how small a sample these tournaments offer, but everyone should be expecting big things from him this time around.